Our Services

Year Round Quality Checks.

Our Service Technicians are trained, educated and dedicated to providing you with our premium service at each stop. We feel we should provide you with our Service Procedures. They are our written commitment to you that no other company provides. Restroom service is a personal service. There is only one way to do it – the correct way. If for any reason you think we didn’t meet your expectations, call us and let us know we’ll come back and clean again!

We Measure, Monitor and Report

Nothing ever improves unless it is measured, monitored and reported. BRUNSON PUMP has 2 full time Quality Assurance Managers. One is in the field each day and one is in the office. Their job is to ensure we perform our commitment to you. All Service Technicians are graded each month and their performance (service to you) is reported to them, their peers and their supervisor. Our trucks are monitored by a Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS in each truck are used to communicate the exact time and address of where we performed our service at your site. This is how we assure you regular and reliable service from BRUNSON,S PUMP SERVICE.

We’re in all Quadrants of the Metro Area Each Day

We definitely have you covered. As the largest restroom contractor in the EL PASO area we cover all four corners of the Metro Area each day. This allows BRUNSON PUMP to provide prompt, conscientious service – even in an emergency.

If We Miss Providing You a Service, We Call You

Weather, mechanical breakdowns, traffic, etc. sometimes cause us to miss a regularly scheduled service. If this happens, we will call you to let you know when we will be there.

Customer Service


BRUNSON PUMP has developed an extensive computer program . Any of our representatives can have your account on their screen in seconds. Service schedules, order dates, notes from prior discussions, we have it all.