April 28, 2011


To Whom It May Concern;

 I am the Safety Director for Venegas Engineering Management and Construction, Inc. doing business as Vemac, Inc.  Vemac is a small business, El Paso general contractor that averages @ $30,000,000 per year in construction projects.  I have used the portable toilet facilities of almost all the local providers in the El Paso area and have found that Brunson is by far the premier supplier/service company in the area. 

 With other providers my toilets were run-down, graffiti covered and smelly.  Whenever problems arose such as toilets being overturned by the strong El Paso winds or by vandals, it would take other companies days to arrive and to clean up the mess.  Whenever these types of problems arise with Brunson, they will be there the very same day if not first thing the next morning.  Brunson provides my company and my workers;

  • Clean toilet facilities
  • Prompt friendly service
  • A willingness to adapt their service to my changing needs 

I currently have Brunson toilets at 3 Ft. Bliss USACE facilities and have had them at as many as 5 at any given time and 1 project with a Brunson competitor.  Construction workers are not the neatest users of portable toilets, but I frequently hear compliments on the quality of cleanliness of the Brunson toilets, and hear complaints of the workers at the project using the competitor’s toilets.   

I highly recommend any company or organization to use the Brunson service; it is far superior to any of the other local providers.  Please feel free to contact me directly for a direct testimonial. 


Will Martinez

Safety Director

Cell 915-328-3202 


1919 Rio Grande• El Paso, Texas 79902

 Tel 915-566-1911 • Fax 915-566-1922