Events in April and May That Will Need Portable Toilets

There’s nothing like the crisp cool air of April here in the Sun City (when it’s not crazy windy of course). Taking advantage of the warmer weather can be achieved in a variety of ways. From hosting a backyard barbecue to playing kickball in the park, there’s every reason to get outside this month! We’ve compiled a list of three events that are ideal for hosting outdoor parties and events in the month of April and May, one of which happens to be a major holiday. Take a look!   

Event #1: Birthday Parties

birthday parties

Before the brutal summer heat is here, take advantage of the 70 to 80-degree weather by hosting your child’s next birthday party in the park. That saying “April showers bring May flowers” is only half-true in El Paso. As you may know, we mostly see partly-cloudly days scattered throughout April and nowhere near the rainstorms of the summer. For that reason, you have pretty good odds of hosting the perfect birthday party in the park. Plus, you’ll have the best pictures to remember the special occasion. Be sure to have enough porta potties for your guests so that they won’t have to wander off from the group or possibly leave the event early.

Event #2: Baseball Games

baseball gameApril is practically synonymous with baseball. If you’re hosting a ball game in the park, whether it be for fun or your child’s little league team, you will definitely need one or more (based on your group size) portable toilets. Similar to hosting a birthday party in the park, you don’t want to make your group leave or venture too far off course, especially when there are small children in attendance. Instead, secure porta potties and a sanitation station so that everyone can ‘go’ when needed. If you’re planning on having a team lunch following the game, your sanitation station will be extremely useful.


Event #3: Easter Celebrations and Other Outdoor Gatherings


Easter weekend is often considered the official start of spring. Although it falls in the last part of the month, it’s the time of the year that is most ideal for hosting outdoor get-togethers. For this reason, most El Pasoans enjoy celebrating Easter outdoors. Dust-off the grill, throw some steaks, chicken, hot dogs, or veggies on it and mmm — your entire backyard will smell like pure greatness.

Plus, everyone knows an Easter celebration isn’t complete without an egg hunt. Keep your party guests comfortable! Even if you’re hosting the celebration in your backyard, it’s always a good idea to have portable restrooms so that guests aren’t having to wait around inside your home.

Rent Your Portable Restrooms Today — Contact Brunson’s Pump Service

Make this April one for the books! Whether you’re planning a birthday party or gathering the neighborhood for a game of baseball in the park, make sure your outdoor event is complete with enough porta potties.

Brunson’s Pump Service will help you secure the right number of portable toilets so that your event can go off without a hitch! Contact us today.  

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