Fun and Interesting Facts About Porta Potties

porta potties

Get in, get out! That’s usually how it goes when it comes to using a porta potty. We see them as an essential place to go when we’re outdoors but we may not realize how much more these toilets have to offer. As experts in the portable restroom industry, Brunson’s Pump Service is well-versed in the needs of clients but also knows that the porta potty business comes with many other fun and interesting ventures. We’ve all used a portable restroom at some point and the one thing we all have in common is the need to go. So we thought for this month’s blog, we’d bring you some dinner table conversation starters you can bring up at this year’s holiday parties. We recommend waiting until dessert to mentioning these facts, it’ll make for extra amusement!     

Portable Toilets Help the Environment and Save Tons of Water.  

Did you know that 45 billion gallons of water is saved annually because of porta potties? Since porta potties use 90% less water than a traditional toilet, each time you use a porta potty, you essentially help save water! That’s definitely something to consider the next time you use one. Not only do porta potties help us save water but they are also better for the environment. Instead of going into an open space, it’s better for the land that you use a porta potty.    

Portable Toilets Were Placed in Tombs So That Those in the Afterlife Had a Place to Go.

We’ve all heard the tales of caring for the afterlife. Today, in Hispanic traditions, on Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, you leave out an ofrenda or offering for loved ones, which may include their favorite foods, pictures of their family, and other objects that represented their life. Back in the mid-fourteenth century B.C. in Egypt, it’s reported that porta potties were placed inside tombs. One example of this is the tomb of Kha who was a senior Egyptian official, a wooden stool with a slot in the middle and a pottery vessel beneath it was found inside the tomb because Kha would likely have to go caca.

Porta Potties Are Used for Studies on Human Behavior.

Have you ever argued with someone over how the roll of toilet paper should go: over or under? If you’re a die-hard “over person” then you know how irritating it is when someone places the roll so that the flap is under. One study focused on this debate and found that 3 out of every 4 people believe that the flap goes over. Be honest, have you ever adjusted a toilet paper roll based on your belief of its correct position?  

5,000 Portable Restrooms Were at This Historical Event.

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. If you watched the event on TV, there was one thing that the broadcast didn’t cover and that was the 5,000 porta potties in attendance. Although this number seems high, when you consider the fact that about 1.1 million attended the historical event, this means that 5,000 porta potties would have been enough to only service about 360 people. But considering the occasion, we’re sure people were too distracted to even go.   

Brunson’s Pump Service is the Porta Potty Rental Expert in El Paso.

That’s one fact you shouldn’t forget! When it comes time to renting porta potties, keep Brunson’s Pump Service in mind. With twenty years of experience here in the Sun City, we can affordably and thoroughly service your needs, be it a construction site, outdoor wedding, birthday party, or community event. Give us a call today to learn more!

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