How Exactly Does a Septic Tank Work?

Concrete septic holding tanks in the ground

Before we dissect the functions of a septic tank, we must define exactly what it is. These tanks are underground chambers made out of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass for domestic water to flow through for specific treatment. So, in simple terms, septic tank pumping removes scum from the tank. A septic tank can last for decades when it’s well-designed and professionally installed. Imagine having to dig up endless pounds of sludge? No one needs that. Now that you know the purpose of a septic tank, breaking down the ins and outs of its functions is important for the initiation of the cleaning process. 

Bacteria Drives the System

People are quick to give bacteria a negative connotation, but these microorganisms are actually a septic system’s saving grace! Living bacteria breaks down waste to leave water clean enough to safely percolate down the earth. This system of flowing water is designed to keep bacteria healthy and busy. 

The Balance of Floating and Sinking

As waste flows to the septic tank and bacteria break down the material, a layer of sludge falls to the bottom. With the sludge resorting to the bottom, scum will naturally float to the top. By having solids automatically sink to the floor of the tank, they are prevented from entering the outlet pipe. Through this process, sewage is able to flow to the drain field. 

Treated Water: The End Result

The drain septic field to which sewage flows is vital to the bacteria as it allows it to thrive. Treated water can then easily seep into the ground. Holes are usually implemented in these field pipes to make seeping into the surrounding gravel more accessible. 

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