How Your Special Event Can Benefit From a VIP Trailer


There are certain events that would benefit from the upgrade of the traditional portable restrooms. Events in which you want to give your guests a luxury outdoor restroom experience. That’s why Brunson’s Pump Services provides luxury VIP portable restroom trailers. 

If you’re in the midst of planning any of the following events, here’s how it can benefit from a VIP trailer:

1 .Weddings

There’s nothing bigger and more significant than the day you tie the knot! Many say it’s tricky to plan an outdoor wedding given unpredictable weather but it’s worth the risk, right? An outdoor wedding in El Paso in late autumn when there’s a nice breeze—that’s the best time for an outdoor wedding. But even a summer wedding can be well executed with a couple of outdoor tents. Regardless of which month you choose to throw your wedding, providing a VIP trailer for your guests will ensure the rest of the beautiful scenery you have planned stays on theme. Plus, if you’re throwing a black tie party, you don’t want to throw guests off when they see the same portable restrooms they use at concerts or sporting events. A VIP trailer will provide a luxury restroom experience! 

2. Quinceñeras

Similar to weddings, quinceñeras are another special event that requires an upgrade from traditional portable restrooms, especially here in El Paso! As you celebrate your daughter’s big day, you can have ease knowing the restroom situation is taken care of and the family and friends you haven’t’ seen in a while will all have a comfortable and clean place to go. Quinceñeras have become much more elaborate and significant over the last couple of decades, and this day undoubtedly means everything to your daughter. Provide her with the best celebration possible!  

3. Birthday Parties

Whether your son is turning five or your mom is turning fifty, birthday parties of any age are important. Throwing an outdoor birthday party can be tons of fun, too! From renting a bouncy castle to be on theme with the Disney Princesses’ theme your daughter insisted on to a group of adults hitting the piñata and watching mini bottles of liquor fall out, there’s a lot of fun activities one can plan for. Even if your party is going to be casual, the restroom situation doesn’t have to be! With a VIP trailer on site, your guests will feel at ease knowing they have a comfortable place to go, especially if there’s alcohol involved because that means more restroom use. 

For the Best Portable Restroom Trailers in El Paso, Contact Brunson’s Pump Service

Regardless of whether you’re throwing an anniversary party or a kid’s birthday party, you can count on us to provide you with the cleanest VIP trailers around. We take your restroom experience seriously! With a VIP portable restroom trailer, you can have full confidence knowing that your event will go off without a hitch. Guests will see clean, spacious restrooms and will instantly feel comfortable. If that’s the sentiment you’re looking to provide, then contact Brunson’s Pump Service today! 

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