Is Your Construction Site Prepared for Your Team?

portable toilet rental

When it comes to construction sites, having reliable and sanitary portable toilets is key to maintaining an environment where workers feel safe and comfortable coming to work every day. You depend on your workers. At Brunson’s Pump Service, we understand the need to provide workers with top-notch sanitation services. When you employ us as your portable toilet rental company, your project can stick to the schedule as workers won’t have to travel far and your team will feel more comfortable.

To have a fully-prepared site, there are a couple of items you’ll need. As your trusted portable toilet rental company, we can provide you with the following items:

Options for Portable Toilets Based on OSHA Requirements

One of the first items you’ll need to consider is how many workers will be present. Based on the OSHA Restroom Requirements chart, you can determine how many units you’ll need. Using this chart also takes into account the number of weeks you’ll be present as well as servicing. Our team can also make accommodations based on your needs as they change, for example, if your team grows. We have two options for portable toilets from which you can choose from: Sling and Comfort. The Sling unit is an affordable option for high-rise projects and ease of use. If you’re wanting a larger sized unit, then consider the Comfort portable toilet. This unit is 16 square feet of floor space, making it extra spacious.   

A Full Sanitation Station

If you’d like to create a sanitation area, there are several options for portable sanitation stands to choose from. You can rent a Bravo sink, which has the capacity to carry 24 gallons of water, two built-in soap dispensers, and fits inside most portable restrooms. Moreover, we have the option of a SaniStand Foam, which is designed to meet ADA regulations and are perfect for construction sites because they’re convenient and easily accessible.    

Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites

Construction sites come with their fair share of challenges. One less thing for you to worry about is portable restrooms and sanitation areas. Brunson’s is committed to providing your team with dependable equipment that is equally affordable, equally functional. Our family-owned company has been in the business since 1934! We know the industry inside and out, which means as a customer you’ll receive the best portable toilet rentals in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can prepare your site for success.

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