Renting Porta Potties? Be Sure to Ask These 3 Key Questions!

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With so many options for renting porta potties in El Paso, it’s a good idea to do some homework before choosing a sanitation company. You’ve likely seen numerous porta potties around town and maybe you jotted down one of their numbers and thought everything was settled. Well, not so fast! If this is your first time renting porta potties, there are a couple of key factors to consider before you give your credit card number away.

We’ve mapped out the information you should collect from the portable toilet supplier so that you can be well-prepared before the day of your event or the starting date of the construction project.

Here are the three questions you must ask before settling on a porta potty supplier:

Q1: How Many Porta Potties Will I Need?

This might seem like an obvious question but some people assume that the supplier will magically show up with enough porta potties. At Brunson’s, we’ll always gather the estimated crowd size of your event. Questions we ask include: How many guests are you expecting? And what’s the size of your crew? Another consideration to take in mind is the duration of your rental. The longer the duration, the more porta potties you will need. Additionally, be sure to consider the needs of the guests. You may want to rent a Comfort unit for those with children so that parents can comfortable assist their child. Moreover, if there’s going to be food, you should inquire about handwashing stations. And keep in mind, if you’re serving alcohol, you’ll certainly need more porta potties. These details can make all the difference!

Q2: What Are Your Hourly/Daily Rates?

Once you know how many porta potties you’ll need, it’s time to ask about the rental rate. Porta potty rentals vary in price. It may seem logical to go with the least expensive rate and we totally get it! Everyone wants to save money. However, you should compare what you’re getting for those rental rates. If you really need a larger unit and it costs a bit more than a standard unit, then that is the route to go. The event type is also important. For example, if it’s your wedding day! You want to go with the best porta potties around. It is your special day after all and the last thing you want is for your guests to remember it as the wedding with the terrible porta potties. And even worse — as the outdoor wedding with not enough portable toilets. Simply put, be sure you’re cross comparing rental rates with quality.

Q3: Renting Longer Than a Day — How Often Should the Porta Potties Be Cleaned and Emptied?

If the porta potties won’t be picked up after a day, be sure to ask about cleaning. Yes, porta potties also require cleaning. With a longer rental duration, you’ll absolutely want to know how often they need to be cleaned and emptied. Your staff will appreciate the cleanliness of the porta potty. Also, when it comes to having the porta potty emptied, know that this will depend on the needs of your rental. If porta potties are going to be on site for weeks on end with daily use, you should ask when and how often the tank needs be emptied.

For Easy and Dependable Portable Toilets in El Paso, Contact Brunson’s Pump Service Today

Comparing sanitation companies is always a good idea, especially when it’s your first time renting portable toilets. When you contact Brunson’s, we’ll make sure all of these questions are answered during our initial conversation. But more than that, we make the entire experience as easy as possible! You can depend on us to provide you with the BEST rental rates and the BEST services around.

For all of your sanitation service needs, contact Brunson’s Pump Service!

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