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How Exactly Does a Septic Tank Work?

Before we dissect the functions of a septic tank, we must define exactly what it is. These tanks are underground chambers made out of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass for domestic water to flow through for specific treatment. So, in simple terms, septic tank pumping removes scum from the tank. A septic tank can last for […]

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Events in April and May That Will Need Portable Toilets

There’s nothing like the crisp cool air of April here in the Sun City (when it’s not crazy windy of course). Taking advantage of the warmer weather can be achieved in a variety of ways. From hosting a backyard barbecue to playing kickball in the park, there’s every reason to get outside this month! We’ve […]

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Fun and Interesting Facts About Porta Potties

Get in, get out! That’s usually how it goes when it comes to using a porta potty. We see them as an essential place to go when we’re outdoors but we may not realize how much more these toilets have to offer. As experts in the portable restroom industry, Brunson’s Pump Service is well-versed in […]

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