When’s the Last Time You Had Your Septic Tank Pumped?


septic tank pumping

Ah, septic tanks. There’s no better conversation subject to bring up at the dinner table. If you haven’t already, it’s time to ask when’s the last time your home’s septic tank was pumped. The best time to specifically ask this question is when a family member has a fork full of food and it’s just about to enter their mouth.

Okay, we’re kidding! In all seriousness, having your tank pumped is important and something we don’t take lightly here at Brunson’s Pump Service.  

Why Maintenance Matters When It Comes to Septic Tanks

There are several reasons why it’s necessary to maintain a good, properly functioning septic tank. For one, after years (or months) of usage, waste will build up. Boasting about not having to have your septic tank pumped will be a momentary thing. Trust us! While it’s recommended to have your septic tank pumped at least once a year, you should not go more than two years without pumping of the septic system. This timeline will largely depend on your family size, your system, and overall usage.

By design, every system needs to be emptied. Smaller households can generally get away with less frequent pumping but it’s a good rule of thumb to have it inspected once a year to ensure the tank is functioning properly.    

Why the Job Should Be Left to the Professionals

It’s messy. It’s tedious. And most importantly, it’s no easy task. There’s a reason why professional septic tank pumping services exist. As professionals, we’ve earned the licenses and qualifications to successfully complete this job. We’ve done our training in wastewater so that you’ll never have to attempt to handle this type of job on your own. It may not seem like it but the septic tank can be a tricky and fragmented system at times.    

In addition to being trained in septic tank pumping, we also have the equipment that is needed to thoroughly pump your tank. Whether your tank is in need of pumping, repair, or a maintenance check, using the proper equipment is key for a successful job. No one wants to end up in a pile of… well, you know!   

Have Your Septic Tank Professionally Pumped — Contact Brunson’s Pump Service Today

If you’re unsure when was the last time you had your septic tank pumped, give us a call! The sooner you have it pumped, the better. Failing to maintain your septic tank can result in several issues. You might notice backflow in your drains and awful smelling water coming from your bathroom and kitchen sinks. These are generally signs of a full septic tank but the problems can easily get worse, leading to waste backup and trouble with your home’s pipes.

To avoid the worse, give Brunson’s Pump Service a call today at 915-858-5511.  

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