Why Proper Sanitation at Your Event Is A Must

people in an outdoor event When most people plan a big event, they tend to take a few things into consideration. Things like food, seating, and entertainment are all thought out. But many don’t consider sanitation, and that can lead to some nasty problems for your event. In this article, we want to discuss why you need to make sanitation a priority for your next event. 

Too Few Porta Potties 

Not having enough porta-potties can be a sanitation disaster. Porta-potty overuse will make it impossible to keep the area clean as the event goes on. Some guests may forgo washing their hands or using the bathroom with care because there is a line of people waiting outside for them. The right amount of porta-potties will make sanitation much easier and more likely during the event. For a casual event, one of our more basic units should suffice. For a more formal occasion, like a wedding, rent our luxury porta-potties so everyone can be comfortable in their suits and dresses. 

Handwashing Stations

Using the bathroom and not washing your hands is just plain gross. An event of 50 or 100 people who can’t wash their hands is apocalyptically gross. If you’re going to have the right amount of porta-potties, you need to have handwashing stations to match. We provide both basic and advanced handwashing stations for all types of events. Let’s face it, most people aren’t even aware of the existence of handwash stations! All too often, people are only able to use the hand sanitizer from within the porta-potty to achieve a modicum of cleanliness. By renting high-quality handwashing stations, your patrons will be able to effectively wash their hands before returning to the festivities!

Brunson’s Pump Can Cater To You

If you have an upcoming event and want to ensure your guests will have a great all-around experience, then Brunson’s Pump can help. We’ve catered every type of outdoor event so we can easily provide all the porta-potties and handwashing stations you’ll need to make your event a success. Call us today to see what we can do for you! 

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